Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting

We are dedicated to providing solutions to the challenges faced by small businesses on a daily basis.  We assist small business owners in defining their short and long term goals and identifying the steps required to achieve those goals.

In order for small businesses to be successful, it is imperative that owners have the necessary information to make wise business decisions.  It is also essential that owners know how to interpret the information they have.

We strive to educate small businesses on the relevant aspects of bookkeeping, payroll tax, income tax, regulatory requirements and computer systems.   We assist businesses in evaluating whether they should perform their accounting internally or if they should outsource their accounting function to a third party.

If it is most advantageous for a business to perform their accounting internally, we assist them in the selection, installation, and implementation of a computerized accounting system.  We are experienced with most of the accounting packages used by small to medium sized businesses.  Our experience provides us with the ability to help the business decide which package most appropriately meets their needs.  We can assist the business in selecting reliable name brand computer hardware which will meet their long term business needs.  We do not recommend hardware which is neither “bleeding edge” nor outdated.  We are aware of the service and reliability ratings of each major computer manufacturer.  We train the business’s employees on how to effectively use the accounting software and provide management with accurate financial information on a timely basis.  If the business has a need for financial or operating information which is not available through an existing software package, our firm is prepared to design and program a custom database solution to meet that specific need.

If it is most advantageous for the business to outsource the accounting function, our firm is ready to provide full bookkeeping services including data entry, bank reconciliation, payroll processing, check printing, regulatory reporting and compiled financial statements.

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