Our Faith

Our Faith

Life can be hard at times, but it does have meaning.  We have each been created to have a relationship with God.  It is clear that God created Adam and Eve so that He could have a personal relationship with them.  That same principal still applies to you and I today.

Just as Adam & Eve’s sin created a great chasm between them and God, our own sin has created a separation between us and God that we cannot overcome on our own.  That is why God mercifully offered His only son, Jesus Christ, as the sacrifice for our sins.  By accepting God’s invitation to become a true follower of Jesus Christ,  each of us can receive forgiveness for our sins, and we can experience the relationship with God for which we have been designed.

Not one of us is perfect, but we can all be forgiven.  If you have not yet made the commitment to become a follower of Jesus Christ and if you feel that God may be calling you to make that decision, you can call us, and we would be glad to meet with you and share what God has done in our lives.  Or, you can visit http://www.needhim.org/ which has answers to many questions about becoming a Christian.

We pray that you find your true calling in life by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour.


Jerry, Clay, Kevin & Staff